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Ripple: PlusToken returns, massive liquidation of XRP and EOS – Crypto News Flash

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  • Almost a year after being shut down, the PlusToken scammers have become active again and have sent out over 100 million XRP and 26.3 million EOS last week.
  • According to Thomas Silkjaer, CEO and founder of xrplorer.com, the XRP’s were sent between 6,500 accounts before they went to exchanges for liquidation.

The PlusToken Scammers continue to keep the crypto community on tenterhooks. The biggest scam in the still young history of cryptocurrencies was disguised as a profitable investment program and plundered billions of USD. According to the latest findings, the fraudsters succeeded in stealing 180,000 Bitcoin, 6.4 million Ethereum (ETH) and probably also 485 million XRP and 26 million EOS.

The fraudsters set up a pyramid scheme, with Chinese and Korean investors in particular depositing cryptocurrencies on the PlusToken wallet in order to earn a return. In reality, PlusToken used the deposits of newer customers to pay out older members. After the fraud was uncovered, PlusToken closed its operations in June 2019, and while some fraudsters were arrested, others escaped with the funds.

PlusToken scammers send XRP and EOS

While over the past year, PlusToken’s Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions caused a stir in the crypto community with suspicions of having caused Bitcoin to plummet from its 2019 high, XRP and EOS are currently the focus of attention. Both Whale Alert and Thomas Silkjaer, CEO and founder of xrplorer.com, reported that the scammers

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