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What is Coinbase really worth? XRP rallies with Ripple’s wins over SEC. – Forkast News

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  1. Coinbase’s Nasdaq debut raises questions of worth
  2. XRP vaults to 4th most popular crypto
  3. HSBC bans MicroStrategy over Bitcoin gorge
  4. COIN and TSLA now available as tokenized stocks
  5. In China, blockchain security exec misappropriates state-owned crypto

Angie Lau,
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Forkast.NewsFrom the Editor’s DeskAs Bitcoin’s prices continue to outpace its supply, come reports of some miners withholding the Bitcoin from the public market, in a modern crypto contango bet — the assumption that tomorrow’s price will be higher than today’s spot price. More people switching to seemingly more affordable bets in altcoins are rising too.Until the next time, Is the center of gravity shifting? It is the rise of altcoins — or alternative cryptocurrencies that populate the rest of Coinbase’s crypto listings that aren’t Ethereum’s Ether or Bitcoin. As Bitcoin gets more expensive, retail investors are piling more bets into the altcoin space. That’s a dynamic we’re watching closely in Asia.Dear Reader,As Bitcoin starts reaching escape velocity, even institutional and traditional investors are clamoring for options. While Coinbase’s listing might be a good secondary option, others are lining up at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission waiting to be among the first approved Bitcoin ETF in America. Canada’s first Bitcoin ETF already holds US billion in assets less than two months after launch. That kind of cash tells us one thing: Demand is high. 

1. Coinbase’s Nasdaq debut raises questions of worth

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